Way Over the Line

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The damage goes for beyond the obvious offense.  As Mr. Hannah noted, the Tweet was deleted the same night it was posted.  But we all know what happens once a story goes viral … there’s “virtually” no turning back. That means from now until eternity, when Quvenzahne or any one else Googles her name that word could come up.

What a horrible footnote to such a historic night. Quvenzhane, is the youngest ever nominated for an Academy Award.

There’s an old story about a woman on a chicken farm who was the victim of vicious gossip.  A neighbor who started the gossip came to her to apologize and begged her forgiveness.  The woman said she would accept the apology if the neighbor would help her with a task.  She emptied a basket of chicken feathers and watched them blow all over the yard, then asked the neighbor to help pick them up.

“They’ve blown all over, up in the air all around in all directions,” the neighbor cried.

“Just like the rumors,” said the woman.

The biggest issues is where the line is and how far over it will we allow the media, traditional and social, to go?   I work on a radio show that relishes in satire and humor that some can and do find offensive from time to time.  I get that some people are more sensitive to certain types of humor than others.

But in my opinion there’s no debate about the “C” word ever.

And an apology in this case, isn’t enough.

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