Mary J. Blige Reportedly Facing Eviction

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Why her money is funny is a curious question. Blige’s net worth at one point was a reported $45 million, but she’s been hit with a few copyright infringement lawsuits lately that could cost her somewhere around $1 million yearly.

Last year, New Jersey filed a $901,769 lien against her. She was also sued for failure to repay a $2.2 million personal loan.

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7 thoughts on “Mary J. Blige Reportedly Facing Eviction

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  2. Michael, my brother, go to work and stop looking for a handout.
    That’s probably part of her problem now…too many people in her entourage (being helped). Why don’t you get a career and help somebody!

  3. When people, especially African Americans write these singers for financial help, they trash the letters. Who needs help now???????????. I don’t feel sorry at ALL!

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