Lil Wayne Takes Back Rant About LeBron, But Not Adrienne Bosh

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  • By now the world knows very well how Lil Wayne feels about the Miami Heat, it’s stars Lebron James and Dwyane Wade and Adrienne Bosh.

    Yes, we’re referring to the diminutive rapper’s well documented,take no prisoners rant last (NBA All-Star) weekend in Houston when he said on stage, “F**k the Heat, f**k Lebron, f**k shewayde, and I f**ked Chris Bosh’s wife.”

    Well, Wednesday night Wayne took back some of his comments when placed a call to Miami’s 99 Jamz radio station to apologize for what he said about Lebron James.

    “That’s my homie, and it just slipped out. I ain’t mean to say that.”

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    One thought on “Lil Wayne Takes Back Rant About LeBron, But Not Adrienne Bosh

    1. This is more dumb sh*t again. Why would you try to put the cat back in he bag after you let the MoFo out for everybody to see? You cannot take that ish back once you said it, because YOU SAID EXACLTY WHAT YOU FELT. “I take that back” is a sorry half- @ss excuse for not giving a genuine apology for letting out what you really was feeling. Not even getting started on the low immaturity of publicly annoucing you boned another man’s wife. F*ck Lil’ Wayne! There, I said it and h*ll no, I’m not taking it back.

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