Angry Wife Pours Boiling Water Over Cheating Husband’s Penis

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Netan was rushed to a local hospital for treatment of his genital injuries; however, doctors said that Netan’s genitals were “utterly destroyed” as a result of the incident.

Unfortunately, police are still reportedly searching for Lopez who immediately disappeared after her alleged attack. According to neighbors, Lopez hasn’t been seen since.

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10 thoughts on “Angry Wife Pours Boiling Water Over Cheating Husband’s Penis

  1. That woman is made of pure crazy! I almost wish I could be gay cause there seems to be more an more crazy b!tch3s around. Was it actually confirmed the guy was cheating? Maybe the mistress had the wrong number. If he did it; he’s is obviously wrong, but he don’t deserve that!

  2. These men never learn…these women might be sexy and all and submissive, etc…but these kind of low down vengeful tactics is how those women south of the border roll…and in asia too…a cheating man has a bullseye on his privates when it comes to these women…American men take note…keep mail order bride hooping at your own peril… just wow…no words…

  3. I love it….and if she’s smart she won’t be found. I don’t condone violence but she was bragging….I wonder what she’s gonna screw now…

  4. she was so mad, she forgot to add the grits !!! i guess he will not dive and lie no more. a pee bag for life in exchange for a nite of passion.

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