Life Lessons from the NBA

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  • Tom, Sybil, and Jay Anthony. As you well know, basketballs best and brightest; from the rising starts to the legends were in Houston to celebrate the sport’s biggest showcase. As we look back at this years NBA All-Star weekend it is important to take a few lessons on how each of us can become an all-star. There are 5 lessons I want to share

    Lesson 1. Cleveland Cavalier Kyrie Irving won the three-point contest, reminding us that you can make it work even when your dream seems further away than what’s comfortable. Keep your eye on the prize and shooting for victory while others believe the dream is too far away and just hold the ball.

    Lesson 2. Kobe Bryant blocked Labron James twice towards the end of the game teaching us that you can be having the worst season ever, but when faced against the best player in the game prove that you can go toe-to-toe with anyone. How many of you who are listening are having a terrible start to 2013. Far worse than you could have imagined? But every time the giant comes to take you out – you look it in the eye and say not on me today. Stay encouraged knowing that if you can make it to the game our can do more than survive…you can win.

    Lesson 3. Chris Paul, of the LA Clippers, was the first solo true point guard to win a solo MVP since Magic Johnson in 1992. He taught us that you don’t have to be the one who scores to be the one who makes the difference. If you are one of those servants out there who makes it possible for others to score, for others to have a chance to win in life, you may not get the headline, but you are an all-star this morning.

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