Heckler Throws Drink at Rihanna for Taking Back Chris Brown

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  • Rihanna left a London nightclub with a bloody knee early Sunday after a heckler threw a bottle at her for getting back together with Chris Brown.

    The incident went down at Box Nightclub, where she held an event Saturday night to launch her new fashion line, River Island.

    About 3 a.m. on Sunday, according to the Daily News and Daily Mail, Rihanna was leaving the venue with friends Melissa Forde and Cara Delevingne when the heckler began yelling at her about Brown. The heckler then threw a bottle of Lucozade, a British energy drink, at the 24-year-old singer.

    She dodged the bottle, and in the chaos fell against a metal shop gate and cut her knee, according to reports. Photos show her dabbing at the blood.

    Her bodyguard also injured his leg amid the chaos and had to be taken to a hospital for treatment, reports the Daily News.

    (Photo: EURweb)

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    2 thoughts on “Heckler Throws Drink at Rihanna for Taking Back Chris Brown

    1. No matter what our opinions of others and THEIR choices may be, its never right to try to hurt them, throw things at them, etc.These things have a way of sorting themselves out and the truth coming to the light. So just sit back. Her decision will show itself to be good or bad in time. No one has to do anything otherwise.

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