GOP Sen. Seeks to Name Gun Bill after Hadiya Pendleton

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The day after her shooting, Kirk and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., introduced a bill to make gun trafficking a federal crime and to end so-called straw purchases of guns in order to dry up the supply of guns to what he termed “dangerous drug gangs.” A straw purchase occurs when someone buys a gun on behalf of another person, usually someone who could not pass a federal background check.

The lawmakers called their measure the first bipartisan gun-safety bill of the new Congress.

Kirk, who returned to work Jan. 3 nearly a year after he suffered a major stroke, said today that one of his top priorities this year is to pass the bill.

“For Hadiya and thousands of other victims of gun violence, we must break through the typical Washington process and actually get something done that will save lives,” his statement said.

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5 thoughts on “GOP Sen. Seeks to Name Gun Bill after Hadiya Pendleton

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