Bobby Brown’s Son Regrets How He Treated Late Step-Mother Whitney Houston

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  • Landon Brown, Bobby Brown’s oldest son, is still living with the nightmare of a false reality that a tabloid painted of his life.

    In 2008, he interviewed with the National Enquirer about life with step-mom Whitney Houston, following his appearance on an MTV reality show competition.

    The quotes used for the story were used in a way that painted a false image of his life with the late singer.

    The story implied physical abuse by Whitney’s mom, Cissy Houston, and questioned Whitney’s parenting skills. There were also mixed messages that claimed he was kept away from his sister, Bobbi Kristina. Shortly after the report came out, he cleared the air in an interview with AOL Black Voices.

    Five years later, he’s still seeing that tabloid story pop up online.

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    3 thoughts on “Bobby Brown’s Son Regrets How He Treated Late Step-Mother Whitney Houston

    1. …crab-ass nigga…looking for notoriety…no one gives a f#ck about your past relationship with a dead crack addict. Move on young man, move on!

    2. bobby son seems to be a sensitive young man, and regrets a lot of things that he had done,, its bad when a child or a step-child does not know what to do in that kind of situation, at least he trying to make amends with how he handled things, I think that is more courageous ,, then some of these grown ups out here, who cannot seem to see past there arrogance ,, well at least he is trying to make things right,, NOt only with the families but with-himself,, that is what is important,, so trying not to hurt his moms feeling or whitney’s, it is quite a difficult thing to do, when your young and don’t quite know what to do, in that kind of situation, but I’m glad he is not saying anything negative,,
      GOD BLESS HIM, and stay prayed up,, YALL,,,

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