17-Year-Old Leonard Cooper Wins $75,000 on ‘Jeopardy Teen’ (Watch)

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  • If you don’t know who Leonard Cooper is, read on ’cause this young brother is someone you need to know about.

    You see, the cool, calm, collected (and a little cocky) Mr. Cooper – a Little Rock, Arkansas high school student – just won $75,000 on “Jeopardy Teen Tournament.”

    Needless to say, that’s quite a feat for anybody, not to mention a 17-year-old with an Afro. Yes, it’s a well-worn cliche, but you really can’t tell a book by its cover. And you know what we’re talking about.



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    2 thoughts on “17-Year-Old Leonard Cooper Wins $75,000 on ‘Jeopardy Teen’ (Watch)

    1. Louise is right. This young man has a great self-image. Does he look different? Probably. Does he act different? Probably. Does he have an edge to him? Probably. Does he answer the questions? Absolutely. Most importantly, he seems to have a great outlook on life. Even without the money he earned, he is going to go on to do great things in life.

    2. Unlike the person who wrote this “article,” everyone did not judge Leonard by his “cover.” He was allowed to compete for, and earn, a spot on Teen Jeopardy. He did it with his MIND, not his skin or his hair. My sons and I watch Jeopardy together almost every night, and we especially enjoyed Leonard’s personality, wit, confidence, eloquence, intellect, and positive attitude. So he has an Afro – big deal. It’s only hair. What it says to me is that this remarkable young man has a healthy self-image, and is comfortable being himself. Other people can say what they want about him- he knows who he is. I suspect he was probably teased by some of his classmates for “acting white.”

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