Instagram Feud Ends In Hot Mess! 3 Women Splash Hot Grease On Victims

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  • A social media dispute devolved into a hot mess when three women ended up splashing several victims with hot grease for comments they allegedly made against them on Instagramthe Atlanta Journal Constitution reports.

    Ashley Hardy, Jasmine Ragland, Shatericka Barrino and Stori Brown went to an apartment complex in Smyrna, Ga., to settle a dispute with three women over messages sent via the social media site. It is unclear whether the four went to the complex to settle the dispute peacefully. What is known is that it ended violently. Zawadi Clark, 20, Myzelle Armstrong, 18, and Mykhal Tait, 20, reportedly stepped out of their apartment armed with a baseball bat and a pot of hot grease.

    The four women hopped back into their car but the grease-totting trio pried open the driver’s side of the door with the bat. Clark reportedly splashed Ragland and Hardy with the grease, causing second- and third-degree burns to the women’s legs and arms.

    “Just shocked,” Hardy said of being doused with the hot grease. “I couldn’t even scream. That was the thing. I couldn’t scream. I was just in shock. I didn’t believe what was happening to me.”

    Police say the burns may cause permanent scarring. Barrino and Brown were not harmed.

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    4 thoughts on “Instagram Feud Ends In Hot Mess! 3 Women Splash Hot Grease On Victims

    1. The level of ignorance of some people never ceases to amaze me.Why in God’s name would you go to someones door I assume you don’t know????? I guess the fact that you just got burned is better that the real possiblity that you could have been killed…………….. SMH

    2. “Don’t ever show up to anyone’s house after they tell you they’re planning to fight you,” she said. “Just don’t show up. Just let it go. Ignore it.”

    3. When are people going to learn not to go knocking on someone’s door for trouble. All of them could have been killed over some nonsense.

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