In Studio Jam: Avant Faces the Music

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Face the Music Track Listing:
1.     “Toast To Love”
2.     “80 In A 30”
3.     “You & I”
4.     “More”
5.     “Excited”
6.     “Don’t Know How”
7.     “Nobody’s Business”
8.     “Best Friend”
9.     “Like You”
10.   “When It’s Over”
11.   “No””
12.   “Gratitude”

Click here to buy Avant’s new album on iTunes.

Upcoming shows include:
Saturday, February 16, 2013
Albany, NY
Albany Convention Center

Friday, March 29, 2013
Phoenix, AZ
Celebrity Theatre

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5 thoughts on “In Studio Jam: Avant Faces the Music

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  3. Thank you for staying true to R&B and thank you for making music that you can actually listen to AND UNDERSTAND THE WORDS Thank You Thank You Thank You! Avant. you Charlie Wilson and others should be recognized for your efforts however these days all the music industry want to do is make stupid music that makes no sense and then reward no talent artist and then give them grammy’s…….. go figure!!!

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