Clive Davis Gala ‘Bittersweet’ Year After Houston Death

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“You should expect being blown away by the diversity of the music, by the vitality of the music, by the range of music today,” Davis said.

Last year’s performers included Elvis Costello, Ray Davies, Alicia Keys, Jessie J and others.

R&B singers Brandy and Monica, mentees of Houston, were supposed to perform their new duet at that time, but were emotional due to Houston’s death.

Emotional Houston moments will be captured in an hour-long CBS special titled “The Grammys Will Go On: A Death in the Family.” It’s a behind-the-scenes look at how Houston’s death affected last year’s Grammy Awards and will air the same night as Davis’ gala. It includes interviews with Jennifer Hudson, Bruce Springsteen, Taylor Swift and other artists.

The Beverly Hilton Hotel said in a statement that the room where Houston died has not been used.

“Out of respect to the family and fans of Whitney, the guest room where she stayed was immediately taken out of inventory and all contents were removed,” the statement read. “Hotel management is considering options to repurpose the space but has made no final decisions at this time.”

Saturday’s event will honor Epic Records chairman and CEO Antonio L.A. Reid.

(Photo: AP)

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5 thoughts on “Clive Davis Gala ‘Bittersweet’ Year After Houston Death

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  4. I have never understood clive davis,, he actually still had his party as her body laid upstairs, in a room on the floor, this man is all the about the DOLLARS!,,and why would her family want to go to a place, where they child died there sister died, just will be year on monday ,, I’m really confused on why Pat would even attend, they are still grieving and trying to to put there lives back together, and the grammy’s are not what they use to be, to me, it just seems like its all about the money, and our culture is so corrupt and greedy now, they are rude, and arrogant ,, I mean really I know its about honoring music, but these young people out here now,, Cannot sang, at all, I mean sang,, NOw Jennifer hudson Can Sang,,, jill scott can sang,, sade is a master at it,, and Mary J,, can sang,, I’m not talking about singing, I’m talking about ,, really sangin ,,, not all this rap, and pre-recorded stuff.
    I’m glad whitney’s family turn down the invitation, I wouldn’t wanna go back there either. anyway,. Death in the family, it is so morbit to me. they could have used another way of saying that.Clive davis is INSANE!,, to me anyway.

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