Growing Up Mandela

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The show covers their lives now and their connection to their family legacy. During “Being Mandela,” the sisters visit the notorious Robben Island prison near Cape Town where their grandfather was held for 18 years. Despite his age, the sisters  say that their grandfather is in the best health that could be expected and that he enjoys it when the family visits. As they are actual princesses, the show also follows them during a visit to their father’s country. Both are mothers – Zaziwe is married to an American – and started a clothing line,Long Walk to Freedom,with their two brothers.

“This show is about us and our lives — both as individuals and as members of the Mandela family,” the sisters said in a joint statement. “It offers a window on how we far we have come to re-establish our lives. We are excited to share the story of our lives, and hopefully viewers will be able to appreciate how universal the human story is.”

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4 thoughts on “Growing Up Mandela

  1. Please Stickto post YOUR pic so we can discuss and evaluate YOUR looks and any appeal YOU would have to ANY female.
    On a better note I applaud the Mandela granddaughters for aiming for the high road and not the typical reality show fare.

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  3. damn,Are those three the witches of the burning cauldron:? They sure as hell look to be the ugliest specimens of a female I have ever had the misfortune to see.

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