Ex-Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick Won’t Testify in Own Defense

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U.S. District Judge Nancy Edmunds praised jurors before sending them home until next week.

“It’s been going on a long time. You’ve been taking a lot of notes. … There’s a lot to go over,” she said.

The trial began in September but was held only for half-days. Many weeks were lost to the holidays and the illness of Ferguson defense attorney Gerald Evelyn.

Kilpatrick, a Democrat, was elected Detroit mayor in 2001. He resigned in 2008 and pleaded guilty to obstructing justice by lying in a civil case about having sex with an aide. He subsequently served 14 months in prison for violating his probation in that case.

Voters booted his mother, Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick, from Congress in 2010, partly because of a negative perception of her due to her son’s troubles.

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One thought on “Ex-Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick Won’t Testify in Own Defense

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