Calling All Reefer Connoisseurs: Washington State May Have a Job For You

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  • If you really know your reefer, the state of Washington may have a consulting job for you.

    The Washington State Liquor Control Board is seeking proposals for a consultant to assist with the implementation of the legalized recreational marijuana system enacted by voters with Initiative 502 in the November 2012 General Elections.

    The deadline for submissions from prospective marijuana consultants is February 15, and the state must have a system in place to implement the initiative by December, according to the WLCB website.

    Voters in Washington and Colorado have now approved the use of recreational marijuana.

    The vote in Washington meant that after Dec. 6, adults 21 and older could possess an ounce of marijuana. The state also approved a “drugged driving” law, which also kicked in on that day to address drivers operating vehicles while impaired by marijuana.

    The legalization, regulation and taxation of marijuana in Washington will bring in $1.9 billion in new revenue over five years, the state projects. But observers say the Department of Justice may soon attempt to block full implementation of the new pot laws.

    State officials have set a timeline for having a system in place by the end of this year to fully enact the new law, including establishing standards and setting up the infrastructure for retail regulation.

    A Request for Proposals, posted on a Washington state website, gives requirements for the pot expert that go beyond the ability to inhale.

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    One thought on “Calling All Reefer Connoisseurs: Washington State May Have a Job For You

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