LISTEN: Coach Suspended Over Michelle Obama Butt Comments

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Grisham has since told the TimesDaily that he misspoke in a debate-style discussion about the state of the country.

In addition to the suspension and training, the board also removed Grisham from teaching his psychology class.

Listen to his rant below.

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4 thoughts on “LISTEN: Coach Suspended Over Michelle Obama Butt Comments

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  2. Funny how when a white woman has a round or big derriere the men are drooling over it, want to insure it and take pictures but a black woman have the same round ass their white counterparts have and they have BIG BUTTS and over weight but this country has evolved from where it use to be. Yeah right. Excuse me COACH but you don’t look like you have a six pack yourself and could use those 600 calorie meals.

    • ROTFL I would have to agree with you on the six pack and him needing those 600 calorie meals. He is ignorant and what she is doing is trying to help ensure kids are healthy. We live in a very obese country and it didn’t use to be like this. Oh and the gay comment was soooooo not needed. I am queer and proud of it. I refuse to live my life as if I am some hermit-crab just because people like him do not agree with what I am doing.

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