Fla. Judge: No Trial Delay in Trayvon Martin Case

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  • SANFORD, Fla. (AP) — The murder trial for the Florida man charged in the shooting death of teenager Trayvon Martin remains set for a June start after a judge Tuesday denied a defense request for a postponement.

    George Zimmerman‘s lead attorney Mark O’Mara presented a motion to have the trial pushed back to November. He argued that prosecutors had been slow to turn over needed evidence.

    State attorney Bernie de la Rionda denied the accusation the prosecution had been dragging its feet and said it was rather a case of the defense using inefficient means to secure the information it wanted.

    With roughly four months left before the scheduled June 10 trial, Judge Debra Nelson said she felt the defense still has time to work out the outstanding issues.

    “I don’t see any of your issues to be insurmountable,” Nelson said in denying the motion.

    The 29-year-old Zimmerman is claiming he acted in self-defense in shooting the 17-year-old last year after the two got into a fight and has pleaded not guilty to a second-degree murder charge.

    On what would have been Martin’s 18th birthday, a local community group gathered outside the Sanford courthouse to remember the teenager before the hearing.

    Martin’s parents, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, did not attend the remembrance nor the court proceeding because they were “overcome with emotion,” said their family attorney Benjamin Crump.

    “As (Trayvon’s) brother said, it’s hard on mom, because there’s nobody to get a cake and ice cream for,” Crump said.

    Crump said Martin’s parents are pleased that the case will progress as scheduled.

    “We’re focusing on this killing when it should be about remembering this young man’s life today,” Crump said.

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    10 thoughts on “Fla. Judge: No Trial Delay in Trayvon Martin Case

    1. I am so sick and tired of Black people being hypocrites. So many are asking for justice when they need to SHUT-UP!!!!! No doubt, George Zimmerman was totally wrong for what he did. Before I continue, I want to do a quick recap of that night – George saw Trayvon (an unfamiliar black man wearing a black hoodie) walking down the street and simply asked him “What are you doing in my neighborhood?” If Black people would be honest; A BLACK MAN WOULD HAVE DONE THE SAME THING; THEY DO IT TO EACH OTHER EVERYDAY. “WHAT YOU DOIN’ MY HOOD” “NIGGA I DON’T KNOW YOU” just to name a few. Black people have a lot of nerves calling George Zimmerman a racist. Give me a break; If you think George Zimmerman is racist then so are you. He saw a black man and assumed negative things. WHEN BLACK PEOPLE SEE OTHER BLACK PEOPLE THEY THINK NEGATIVES THINGS TOO!!!!! LOOK AT THE NUMBER OF BLACK MEN WHO DIE AT THE HANDS OF ANOTHER BLACK MAN!! You’re all guilty so stop pointing fingers.


      • Ken James. Your characterization of George Zimmerman is much too kind. I will bet that George doesn’t do that to every stranger he sees in his neighborhood. How does he know that Trayvon didn’t live there?? Maybe just moved in. I will also bet that Zimmerman NEVER asked a white stranger in his neighborhood “what are you doing here” Just think if every person walking along in an area they did not live was asked these questions?? We would not have a free society. The fact of the matter is that George Zimmerman was the “Agressor” in the death of Trayvon Martin. How in the world can you accost someone who his walking along minding their own business, corner them, attack them while armed and then claim “self-defense” when that person tries to defend themselves?

        • I am opened to opinions Uncle G but you failed to comment on the fact that Black men do the same thing to each other. Here the difference; Zimmerman should be prosecuted because he’s white; but when a black man committ the same crime other black people won’t say anything because they don’t want to be labeled as a snitch and yet so many black people cry for justice. In other words, It’s okay for blacks to kill blacks but a white person can’t.

    2. Diamond… LOL I was thinking the same thing. That Hog is living good!!!!

      It’s time for Trayvons parents to have their day in court and LORD is working in the wings all day everyday!!! Praise HIM!

    3. His lawyer was on Sean Hannity’s tv program saying that the legal defense fund for Zimmerman is just about exhausted. George Zimmerman has the option of getting a court appointed attorney. That’s the only option he has, the trial will take place. Even if jurors have to be brought in from another county to negate the claims of pre-trial publicity making it impossible to find unbiased individuals in Seminole county.

      • Just wondering, “Who will put you in jail?” While you’re anticipating for him to go to jail, why don’t think about how many black people you single out and think negatives things about them. I know you’re guilty. You seperate people based on skin color. You probably have a preference for light skin.

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