Five Reasons to Watch ‘Deception’

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3. If you like “Scandal” and “Revenge”

Of course, we’re not saying every show with a Black woman in the lead is the same, but it is nice to see two black women playing powerful roles on two different shows. Both are accomplished women with both Black and white love interests, which are important images to broadcast to the globe in light of so many negative conceptions of Black women. If you like “Revenge,” which is also set among the rich and famous families in the New York area, then you’ll probably also find “Deception” to be a guilty pleasure.

4. It’s not reality TV

 We know how people feel about reality TV, but don’t we have enough reality already? Isn’t TV supposed to be about escaping reality, not wallowing in it? “Deception,” is an old-school soap opera about pretty people doing ugly things and we kind of like that. We know you’re not giving up the housewives or the hip-hop stars, but there is an alternative.

5. Whodunit?

The great thing about TV shows these days is that they don’t leave you hanging but for so long. So it’s possible that we’ll find out who killed Vivian Bowers before the season ends. The interesting part about that is  what happens with the show then? Well, if you’ve watched other shows of its kind, than you know they just move onto a new mystery. It makes these shows have to stay fresh, which means there’s always something new to keep you interested.

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