Cissy Houston Reveals Intimate Details of Whitney’s Life in New Book

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It’s hard to tell whether Cissy turned a blind eye to her daughter’s drug use early on or just didn’t recognize the symptoms. She says that she realized, especially the night of the Michael Jackson show that something was going on, and even said that she knew Whitney was high, but throughout some of the worst of it, she seemed reluctant to intervene. But in 2005, she did, going with her son Gary to Atlanta where Whitney was living with Bobby in horrific conditions that were later documented by “The National Enquirer.” With the help of sheriffs and a court order, Cissy had her daughter committed to rehab.

“I guess I should have been relieved or maybe even happy, but this was the worst I’d ever felt in my life. I was hurting like a dog because Nippy was so angry with me. I knew I’d done the right thing, but I hadn’t been able to reach her, and I had never felt such a gulf between my daughter and me.” (page 235)

One thing that Cissy makes clear in the book is that Whitney was a strong-willed woman. While people around her didn’t always agree with her choices, they were her own. Cissy does have her regrets about their relationship, though, wishing that she and her daughter had been even closer. She admits that in the last years of Whitney’s life, they didn’t even see each other that much.

“…For whatever reason, she could never talk to me about anything that upset her, unless she was really in trouble. I wish we had found ways to communicate better with each other, before things got to a crisis point. I don’t know, maybe some of that was my fault. I was touchy about certain things and quick to tell her – or anybody – if I didn’t like what was going on. “ (Page 260)

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