Whitney’s Brother Confesses: ‘Don’t Blame Bobby, I Introduced Her To Cocaine’ [VIDEO]

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Even though she held her son’s hand through his confession, and mentioned it in her book, she still claims that Brown was a bad influence on her daughter:

“I do believe her life would have turned out differently,” Houston writes. “It would have been easier for her to get sober and stay sober. Instead she was with someone who, like her, wanted to party. To me, he never seemed to be a help to her in the way she needed.”

Michael said that Whitney listened to him and that he “battled demons” because he didn’t take care of her as well as he should have. When asked directly by Oprah did Bobby Brown have anything to do with Whitney’s initiation into drugs, he admitted that Whitney had been taking drugs long before Brown stepped into the picture.

Long painted as the villain by the Houston family, Brown always claimed that Whitney was the reason that he started taking hard drugs. Until that point, the singer claimed in an interview with NBC’s Matt Lauer,  he only drank and smoked marijuana:

“I didn’t get high before I met Whitney…I worried about it when … we first got together until I tried it,” he said. “And when I tried it, for some reason, I have an addictive personality.”

When asked how did he felt when people blamed him for his ex-wife’s death, Brown said simply:

“I feel bad, but I know…I’m not the reason she’s gone.”

Whitney accidentally drowned Feb. 11, 2012, in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton hotel the night of her mentor Clive Davis’ annual pre-Grammy party. Traces of cocaine, marijuana, Xanax, Flexeril and Benadryl were found in her system. Heart disease and damage from years of cocaine use were listed by the coroner as contributing factors in her death.

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