Chicago Station Tells Listeners to “Go Make Babies”

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  • The Chicago Public Media’s new marketing campaign is taking a unique approach to grow their audience.

    WBEZ’s 2013 Membership Drive is encouraging listeners to procreate to ensure a future of listeners that would be inclined to tune into their station.

    This is the first time the National Public Radio affiliate has developed a new marketing campaign in 10 years.

    The campaign known as “Radio for the Curious Class” uses some striking taglines they hope will engage and grow their listenership such as:

    •Do it. For Chicago.

    •We want listeners tomorrow. Go make babies today.

    •Hey Interesting People, get a room already. And then put a crib in it.

    •To anyone NOT currently running a virtual farm:

    •You’re an interesting person. Pass it on. Like, literally. Through your DNA.

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    One thought on “Chicago Station Tells Listeners to “Go Make Babies”

    1. uptil I saw the draft that said $5148, I didn’t believe that my mother in law had been truley earning money in their spare time on their computer.. there dads buddy has done this less than 13 months and just cleard the dept on their mini mansion and purchased McLaren F1. I went here, ……

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