Can You Maintain Your Sense Of Self & Still ‘Fit In’ The Corporate World?

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Though the act of assimilation is typically expressed by a means of taking on or absorbing into one culture or group, the mourning of these young women, specifically expressed in their angst in believing they can’t be themselves at all times, is quite sad to me.

Is it possible to maintain a sense of self, while “assimilating” into your corporate environment?

One of my sister’s friends is extremely passionate about preserving aspects of the African American culture and finds it appalling that she has to even think about toning down her “blackness” to not offend and/or even frighten her supervisors and coworkers. This “blackness” she refers to is her love for sharing African-American history, her natural hair and even her use of Ebonics from time to time. While listening in on this debate, it was apparent that she was met with opposition from other girlfriends who believe, “you do what you have to do in order to get a check.”

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