EXCLUSIVE: Eve Talks About Her Ex, Stevie J, Her New Album and Giving Back

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Eve: Music is cyclical. Times change. The stuff that’s out – some of it I like. But there is too much testosterone in the game. I do think there is a void for a certain type of woman or female. There’s a voice that’s not being heard. Not everyone likes the fantasy kind of thing. People want reality in their life. People want to feel feelings and know about problems and hear stories about real life and I think that’s what’s lacking and that’s what’s missing. Hopefully I can break through and be that voice. I always thought I was a regular around-the-way chick with a great job.

Blackamericaweb.com: Who’s on the record and who are you collaborating with?

Eve: I didn’t want it to be a whole name driven project. There’s a kid named Jukebox, a kid named Radio, a kid named Snow. Swizz Beatz. Chrisette Michele and Dawn Richard are on it. Juicy J and Pusha T are on the remix to “She Bad Bad.”

Blackamericaweb.com: Are you still down with Ruff Ryders?

Eve: I always tell people Ruff Ryders is like the Mafia. You can never really leave. It’s like La Familia. (laughs) But this is on my personal label distributed through Sony Red. It’s me and that feels really good.

Blackamericaweb.com: Your love life, past and present, is making the news lately. How’s it going with the Englishman? (Eve is dating multimillionaire entrepreneur Maxmillion Cooper, who runs Gumball 3000, a race car team and creative enterprise. And yes, he’s a white Brit.)

Eve: It’s good. It’s different. I don’t even know how we wound up together. I really don’t. But it works and we’re happy and it’s really good and it’s nice. I love him.

Blackamericaweb.com: So how does that work? Doesn’t he live in London?

Eve: Well, I live in London. I’m back to New York for the album.  We were long distance for a while, though. It wasn’t just for him. I needed it artistically but now I’m ready to be back in New York.

Blackamericaweb.com: Your old boyfriend Stevie J. has been making headlines. That was years ago, now but were there any clues back then?

Eve: We had a good time. But unfortunately, yes. I must have just been too young and too blind. It is what it is. I was a young girl with that situation. But yeah, there were signs. (Laughs).

Blackamericaweb.com: Reports were that you were pregnant near the end of last year.

Eve: I do have a due date! It’s May 14 for the album.

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