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Such stupidity runs rampant….what president doesn’t have secret service for family…just more ignorance!!!!!—Rita Karson

The POTUS’ children are in a different circumstance than others. The idiot NRA likes to stir up empty controversy and should be ashamed and embarrassed for such nonsense.—Diane Franklin

COMMENTARY: Colin Powell Tells the Truth About the Republican Party
Last week, Colin Powell told the truth about the Republican party and said they are wrong for neglecting people of color and using racist language during the last election. Here’s what you had to say:

The African Americans until they stop blaming other races for their problems no it will never end. It’s not my fault 80 percent are in our prisons, it’s not my fault that that they keep having babies and not paying support for them, it’s not my fault they can’t finish school and make a decent life for themselves. Colin Powell I always thought he was for all Americans but he’s just as racial as the rest. Shame on you Mr Powell, I’m sorry for me to ever believe in you.—Mary Heitzenrater

Thank you Mr. Powell for keeping it real!—Georgetta Floyd

I Watched this Sunday Morning and He started from Why he endorsed President Obama in 2008 and the last elections The republican could not produce a candidate that could Win the election, The group as a whole still operating on that Good Ole boy system. He also talked about voter suppression laws…. Mary, I didn’t see any racism or blame he Told the Truth the way it was and the way we saw it and you too… One more thing Mary remember the Joke; If you want to keep something from a black man put it in a book. Guess what, Black men read and not only do they read they can make intelligent decision. Point taken remember we understand that we have power in the vote and your guys did too that’s why they tried to stop us… Something to think about Mary and all of the people who think like you….—Jacqueline J McLean

Manti Te’o Girlfriend Death Apparently a Hoax
The story of Heisman candidate Manti Te’o has been one for the record books. He claimed to have lost both his grandmother and girlfriend on the day of a big game. But the story that Te’o’s girlfriend never existed got you talking:

I’m so sick of this story…make an example out of this family for deception….All other peeps customs and believes are not of America.. and we must show all cultures we have rules…..—Nelda Bailey

I don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth…saw this story on HLN over and over again and for some reason I feel like he wasn’t being fooled; he was trying to pull a fast one! (I see you Te’o!) The man needs treatment!—Dolphine Johnson

This person is a liar and should. not be trusted. He really should be made out of a example when the draft picks come around.Leave him playing childish games with his little kiddie friends.Enough is enough….—Deb Burrell

Chicago’s Bishop Trotter Poses in Bathtub with 4-year-old Granddaughter
Bishop Larry Trotter of Chicago made news headlines after posting a photo of himself taking a bath with his 4-year-old granddaughter. Here are some of your thoughts:

It’s not innocent. People that enjoy this type thing want you to think that.—Terry Roy

Man, has no one took a bath with they kids before?—Jodi Davila

Maybe all innocent but in today’s time, it will not be seen as innocent by many. Society is so judgemental in thinking the worse. MJ could tell ya that if he was alive! Smh!!—Edmund J. Petry

By today’s standards-waaaaay too far. Could be innocent, but why risk it by posting on FB? Where is your sense of moral judgement BISHOP?—Lynda Gentry

He probably/hopefully meant innocent, but this day & age. It’s way too far—Michael Joyner

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