No Place Like Home

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  • So, today I’m going to talk about my hometown, where I still have many family and friends.

    Unfortunately, my hometown has recently been all over the news for all the wrong reasons. Steubenville, OH is the scene of the high-profile alleged rape involving members of the town’s popular high-school football team.

    Needless to say, it’s been a rough couple of weeks for Steubenville. It all stems, from an August incident where a 16-year-old girl – allegedly incapacitated at a party – was allegedly raped twice, dragged naked and unconscious – between several locations.

    After the girl and her mother later pieced together what they believe happened, they filed a complaint with the police. Rape charges were filed ten days later against two football players.

    In early January, a 12-minute YouTube video was posted by the hacker group Anonymous showing another student laughing and making damning statements about the alleged victim and rape…and it went viral

    For those who have seen this video, you already know how disgusting it is- no gray area, it was simply despicable.

    That said,  #1: As a lawyer, no matter how it appears right now because of initial reports or repulsive YouTube videos, it’s my duty to say ‘allow the law to take its course…’ and while I certainly recognize that sensitive situations like this can be mishandled by law enforcement and court officials –especially those with biased or political motives –

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