Dr. Rani Whitfield Talks Flu Prevention

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You said peroxide in ears reduces viral load for the flu. What is the hot toddy actually doing?
The hot toddy is an anecdotal; probably doesn’t work as most make it differently but it tastes good.:-)

What remedies or medications are good for diabetics?
Hydration, avoiding sugars, otc sugar free cough and cold meds for fever, chills, cough- call your doctor if your blood sugar increases and you start to feel worse.

What about ear infection, any remedies?
Over 80% of ear infections are viral- symptomatic treatment is best but if truly infected you will need an antibiotic.

I have cancer and I took the shot and ended up with Guillain-Barre Syndrome.
There have been some concerns about not just the flu vaccine but many vaccines; discuss with your doctor your concerns prior to taking any medication

Over the flu but can’t get rid of a nagging cough, how can I?
Time, also you may have a bacterial infection called pertussis; if your cough persists, see your doctor for possible antibiotic treatment and/or Xray of the chest.

Is vinegar and water good to drink and if so, how often should you drink it?
It really has no health benefits.

What are the symptoms of the flu? How do you stop a runny nose?
Fever, chills, diarrhea, headache, runny nose, cough- to stop a runny nose, you can use decongestants; in most cases it will resolve on its own

My son is 14-years-old and did not receive the vaccination, should he still get it?

I’m vegetarian and I don’t believe in shots.  Does the flu shot, actually put the flu in your body?
The injection allows the body to develop antibodies so that you can fight off the flu; but yes you are introducing a weak strain of the flu into your body.

I’ve gotten only one flu shot in my life. When I did, I came down with Bells Palsy. Can they be connected in any way?
Reports say no relation between Bells Palsy and the flu.

I have never had the Flu or Flu vaccination, am I at a greater risk?
No you are not; the flu is different every year; you do not get lifelong immunity once immunized.

If one has an auto-immune disease like lupus, MD scleroderma, or Guillane-Barre, are there any extra precautions that can be taken? Wear a mask in public?
Protect you immune system by taking vitamin d and vitamin c; avoid those who already have it.

Is the flu shot really necessary and does it make you sick?
The flu kills over 30,000 people each year esp. those who are young, old, or have immune problems; I recommend it but you decide for yourself

What are the main signs of the flu in children?
Fever, fatigue, decreased appetite, diarrhea, vomiting, and sore throat- It can be present with any or all of these.

My 16-year-old son is an athlete and appears to have flu like symptoms. Should he go to the doctor or just take the flu shot? Symptoms include coughing, headache and lots of sweating.
He has the flu now, so the shot is ineffective while he is sick; make sure he is hydrated before he returns to play. Also, make sure he gets the flu shot once he is better.

Why is it when I take the flu shot, I get the flu but when I don’t take it, I get it?
Some people get sick when they get the shot, but it is usually temporary; in most cases the benefits outweigh the risk.

Does your body weight play a part in how long the Flu stays with you?
Those who are obese tend to take longer to recover.

I never had the flu and I never had a flu shot. I am 57-years-old. Should I keep ducking it or get the shot?
I recommend getting the flu vaccine- protects you and others

Are there other vegetables or other preventions you can practice if you avoid the vaccine? (Other than practicing good hygiene)
Vitamin D, Vitamin C, exercise, rest, avoid those who are sick, oregano oil, zinc, and mushrooms are all believed to protect the immune system.

My son is allergic to eggs and can’t take the flu shot. Is there anything out there he can take?
Hand washing and keeping him from around those who are sick is best. Also, by you and others around him being immunized, that protects him as well.

Can you use peroxide in kids ears over 5-years-old?
Yes, it is relatively safe.

What remedies or medications are good for diabetics for preventing the flu?
Vitamin D, Vitamin C, rest, hydration, sugar free otc cough and cold preparations for short periods of time are all considered safe.

Did the doctor say that mushrooms produce more cellular activity and that it would aid in fighting the flu?
Mushrooms are almost a wonder food they promote cellular function, promote healthy gut bacteria, and natural detoxification.

I have a tickle in my throat which makes me cough hard and now my throat is sore. I’m also coughing up cold, but I don’t feel bad. Is this a sign of the flu?
It sounds like a mild viral illness; rest, hydrate, increase your vitamin c and vitamin d, and if not better or getting worse.  Over the next 24 hours call your physician.

Can I use wipes to keep hands clean if I have no water?
Yes, most definitely but hand washing in warm water with antibacterial soap for at least 30 seconds is still preferred.

How young can I start putting hydrogen peroxide in my children’s ears? They are 12 months and 5-years-old.
At room temperature, you can start as young as six years old; but for children I always recommend consulting your doctor.

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