Tarantino, Cheadle Shock Press Room with N-Word (Watch)

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  • By now it should be obvious that “Django Unchained” director Quentin Tarantino has no problem with folks taking offense at his liberal use of the N-word either within his movies, or while discussing his films in interviews.

    Still, the press room at last night’s Golden Globes appeared taken aback when the director, who won for best screenplay, began dropping the N-bomb again.

    Addressing the unending conversation over the 100-plus times the characters in the slavery-themed spaghetti Western used the racist term, Tarantino himself uttered the phrase, to audible gasps from the scribes in the winners’ room.

    “They think I should soften it, that I should lie, that I should massage.” Tarantino said, referring to writers and filmmakers such as Spike Lee, who have criticized his use of the slur in the film. The film’s setting of 1860 antebellum south, he said, made that impossible, as did his artistic integrity. “I would never do that when it comes to my characters,” the director added.

    He also pointed out that slavery is still going on across the globe — “go to Malaysia” — and even in the United States, the legal system has a bias against African Americans.

    “Drug laws put so many black males in jails,” he said. “The way private and public prisons trade prisoners back and forth. It’s like they are not even hiding it anymore.”

    After Tarantino exited the press room, Don Cheadle who won a Golden Globe for his role on the show “House of Lies” got some laughter out of the press after he said “Please no N***** questions…Black-people questions are alright though.”

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    15 thoughts on “Tarantino, Cheadle Shock Press Room with N-Word (Watch)

    1. Hi wildflower / pseudo intellect.
      I’m so glad you feel that way. You are that extremely smart nigger!! yes you keep me on my toes!!
      keep going and prove to the whole world that you are that nigger that can be taught the same old new trick of hatred / self hatred. Don’t forget the bag of scraps you master left for you.
      you sound like a house nigger in every way.

      get on your loud speaker nigger!! freedom of speech is wonderful.
      best wishes to the nigger wildflower.


    2. The N word is this movie was not said no more than in Roots, Queen, Amistad and any other black movie in that era and time. i don’t know why people are making such a big deal out of the move. Spike Lee says the movie is a disgrace and chose not to even see the movie. how can you comment on a movie and have not seen it. His answer should have been i have not seen the movie so i cannot comment to it.

    3. Don’t bother Magic…. I’m sure you and others will dismiss what I’ve said but I will leave saying this…

      Our people have never wanted to, signed up for or appreciated being branded a word that signified our worth as nothing more than an animal. Sure …We ‘thought’ playing the dozen at home privately.. among friends was harmless, We ‘thought’ looking the other way and shaking our heads as the younger generations became more and more enamored with the word would be OK.. Yeah we used it to classify low class/rotten people, and cops used it in the streets as they bashed heads…. But the reality remains the same…until we make people get up off this mess and pack that almost 400 year old word up and move the F on… we can’t move our people ‘as a whole’ to something better.

      Please!!…. why are you still trying to hold on to a word that is 400 years old… who does THAT…. If the civil rights movement, Malcolm, the panthers, etc. proved anything ….it proved this …. We may not be able to get people to like us but we sure as H*ll can make them respect us.

      Ya’ll are creative folk right? If the word means ‘nothing’ than why do you feel the need to keep using it in 2013… Make up another dam word to use that does not have in its footnotes…death, racism, hurt, pain, murder, rape, destruction, hate, poverty, self-hatred, self-loathing and despair. Because when somebody calls me a Nigga or Nigger that’s what it still means. Trust.

    4. Horse pucky …excuse me Wildflower not sure how old you are but on February 15, 2013 as we celebrate the birthday of King did you just say “you’re not aware of families dying so they weren’t called a nigger”.

      Ok so if we are going to play games with words how about people dying so they wouldn’t be treated like a nigger… or how about people being imprisoned because they are nothing but a nigger or how about a child being shot down like a dog in the street walking home from the corner store because he’s just a nigger or in a car because his nigger music was to loud or maybe killed at the hands of a cop because I don’t know …he’s just a nigger.

      Bull crap to you all that the word does not define us, represent us or own us… Bull crap that these 6 letters are meaningless… it does not matter whether they/we say the N word or nigger the reality stays the same… The stats on incarceration, job rates, poverty, crime, health, death and murder, do not lie.
      I don’t need a rich white man or black if we want to bring Mr. Jackson into this conversation to tell me that the word is silly.. just use it …Ha Ha my a*&…I know that ‘we’ Black folks don’t all live in New York, Chicago or LA (not that that matters either)… and for all of us who try and sketch out a living in these middle to small town and cities for ourselves and our children… Nigger/Nigga and everything that comes with it ain’t a joke.

      Don’t be fooled …Don’t fall for the old Okie Doke the conversation is going in the right direction make the word disappear from everyone in Hollywood. This is about their Money ..plain and simple. It’s much easier to keep our kids dumb singing nigger this and b***ch that then to fill the air waves with more music, culture and TV shows that uplifts, makes you think, that makes you want to care about your fellow man….Please… taking the power of the word nigger and saying “so What” has done what for us as a race …that’s what they said in 80’s /90’s when gangsta rap spewed it from one end of the world to the other. And one last thing …. Let’s not get this twisted… there are things called restraint… The reason why the female lead in this movie was not shown brutally raped (you know that happened back then too) was because it did not ‘test’ well…. check the cutting room floor they couldn’t sell this if that horror had been splattered all over the screen. Trust…Hollywood knows exactly how to make a movie (i.e. Schindler’s list) that can portray the horrors of an unjust history and be respectful in the storytelling at the same time. If we don’t demand respect we won’t get respect.

      Hey Ty ….did you really mean to say that “back in the day ‘Nigger’ was not a hot button word that caused the reaction it does today” REALLY …REALLY….Oh my goodness Ugghhh people.

      • Back in the days…of slavery it wasn’t a hot button word. If you’ve read what I’ve said, I was saying in terms of the time period of the movie.

        I’ll reply more to what you’ve said later when I can

    5. Radbn how sad…. you speak of your disdain for a word that you are so passionate about ending it’s use but then you follow up with hoping that another person is the victim of it’s use just because they have a different opinion about it. How very sad you are. I am one of those person that refuse to give that word and any other that kind of power by trying to forbid someone else from using it (I do believe in rights – “freedom of speech” in particular). Why do you or any other person of color want to hold on to these words, alphabets and allow them to determine how you will live among your peers. Let it go. And for the record I am not aware of families dying so they weren’t called a nigger. Our ancestors died for much more than a damn 6 letter meaningless word.

    6. I love Tarantino’s movies and I am so tired of the few people that continue to try to speak for a whole race of people. The word “nigger” means absolutely NOTHING to me and I am black. I feel that when we put this word on this forbidden pedestal this is when we give it power. Black people we are bigger than that and I think it shows when we use that word in our jokes, as a term of endearment to one another (contrary to popular belief) and the fact that not all of us act like the world is coming to an end when a person of non color uses it. Let’s set the record straight, BLACK PEOPLE WE DON’T OWN THAT WORD NOR DOES IT OWN US OR REPRESENT US. Any race can be insulted by its use just as any other derogatory term out there. Take it’s power and say so what. My world does not change in any form when a white person decides to show their ignorance. Now racism is a whole different beast and unfortunately it’s as much a part of life as greed and corruption is in this country but you don’t have to allow that to control your world either.

    7. First thing, I heard the way the word ‘Nigger’ was used by Tarantino and was not offended at all, it was not directed at anybody, he was asked a question about the word Nigger and he answered it. Two, I’d rather hear the word ‘Nigger’ than the ‘N word’ we all know what the damn word is, to hide behind the letter ‘N’ does nothing when we hear the ‘N word’ our minds automatically associated it with ‘Nigger’ I think people rather hear the ‘N word’ as some sort of false illusion that the word ‘Nigger’ is dying out. When African Americans(I’m African American myself) get on anybody not African American using the word even in a non-threatening context, but they themselves makes jokes with it, laugh when one of their Black friends use it, etc., considering that okay. Third, in the movie, ‘Nigger’ is used countless times for a reason, back in the day ‘Nigger’ was not a hot button word that caused the reaction it does today when heard. I’m sorry if I offended anybody by the use of the word Nigger but then again I’m not.

      • i agree with you. there is a great difference in directing “nigger” at someone and using the word in an answer to a question asked. if we as black folk don’t want others using it then guess what we need to stop, hello rap / comedy world.

        i came across an interview of sam jackson; he refused to answer a question b/c the interviewer (white) would not say the word. the interviewer tried to slide with saying “n-word”. sam basically told him if you want me to answer the question say the word. long story short the question did not get asked or answered.

        • in reply to pisces4,
          Samuel J. also was a crack head at one point in his life. Who is to say he was not under the influence then!!? His brain may be a little damaged due to drug use.

    8. We as Americans concern ourselves with the N word and racist statements, but we continue to be label ourselves as Black American and you don’t realize black is a color and not a race of people. They have Americans so bottled up on racism that we forget that we are Americans. I didn’t come from Africa so I’m not African American; I was born in the USA so I’m an American. In 2013 the N word should not affect you or your children. When are we going to show America that were just American.

    9. I thought the movie was very funny…it was/is not a historical movie…Samuel L Jackson had me cracking up…As far as the N-word, that was used then…get over it…EVERY Thing is so OVER sensentive, you can hardly speak your mind now a days for fear of reprisal…Damn!!!ooops was that profanity????

    10. obvioulsy this is one white mans way of shoving the N word down our throats and in our face and getting paid for it! He placed high profile black actors in the movie knowing that blacks would flock to the theaters to see the movie- and of course the whites will follow because they get to hear th N word used over and over and over again! I, for one, will not be see this movie!

      • Yes! tarintino is slick for this doing this. I think its pathetic. Families have died just so they werent call a N****r!!! Its pure craziness. I’m no prude nor do I have a stick in my butt , Sandy12 I agree with you. When the people are saying Oh forget about it ! Its a nothing word I do hope those are the same people who are on the recieving end of what they have forgotten.
        Luv I do hope you are the first in that line.
        wake up people! some folks are out to get you and will get you.

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