People are upset with singer Erykah Badu after she tweeted about bringing a gun to an Apple store after she apparently lost her IPhone contacts.

The singer posted the tweet to her Twitter account “Fatbellybella” over the weekend, it read:

“I feel like goin up in apple store with my pistol right now.”

She also tweeted in more detail the trouble she was having with the phone, she tweeted:

“iCloud bout to be iBadu. I’m losing $ with my contacts disappearing daily. And I got some Russian? contacts now.”

The eccentric singer later issued an apology via Twitter after hearing back from her fans about her untimely tweet since the current issue of gun control is so controversial and the recent massacres at Sandy Hook, Colorado, and others are still prevalent in everyone’s minds.

“I owe apple an apology. And this still-grieving nation.It was insensitive.My sense of humor is a slow burn. Wasn’t thinking Forgive me.”

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