Baby Shower Ends in 200-Person Brawl

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  • A baby shower in Stoughton, Mass., ended in Drake/Chris Brown fashion as some 200 people began brawling with each other, the Boston Herald reports.

    The event took place at Club Luis De Camoes Saturday evening and reportedly spiraled out of control twenty minutes before midnight after a man reported to a cop that he was sucker punched by another partygoer. The guest of honor blamed uninvited guests and cops who were called to bring calm to the chaos.

    “My niece got shoved across the room. She’s only 2 months old. A kid got hit in the head with a table. I was very scared. It’s still a shock to me,” said Maria Depina, 22, of Brockton, who blamed the chaos at Club Luis De Camoes on party crashers “we didn’t even know” and overly aggressive cops.

    The scene was reportedly so out of control that Stoughton police said they called in officers from other localities for backup. Stoughton police are armed with tasers, not guns. Maria’s older brother, Paulo Pires Depina, was tased during the melee but no officer pulled their service weapon, according to The Herald.

    “My brother got tased right in front of me and a police officer pushed me on top of him,” she claimed. “(The police) could have done a better job.”

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    7 thoughts on “Baby Shower Ends in 200-Person Brawl

    1. they may not be African American but I guarantee that to the average white bigot, all stuff like this does is reinforces stereotypes, biases and assumptions because these boys look black. And like it or not, black or not, if it perpetuates the stereotype – all blacks are (insert negative, trifling, violent stereotype here), it doesn’t matter if they’re from Timbuktu. A few days ago, several black parents and students were fighting on bus stops in LA. There were several shootings at funerals in Chicago last, the perps? Black, African American. The point is if black people want to combat and alter the negative perceptions hat black males (especially) have in this world (it’s not just here) black folks need to stop looking at ways to mitigate and downplay bs, unacceptable, amoral, thuggish behavior, amongst a certain subsection of the population. These clowns should be ashamed but instead these idiots are proud. Sad commentary n America. And yes, white folks do just as many stupid things as black folks but we already know it simply isn’t perceived or reported in, like,crazy crap like this.

    2. upto I looked at the receipt for $7677, I have faith that…my… cousin actualie bringing home money part-time at their computer.. there aunt has done this less than 18 months and just paid the mortgage on there house and purchased themselves a volvo. I went here…… BIT40.ℂOℳ

    3. Exactly @ Tami. They are Cape Verdean. This part of MA is infested with them. They are quick to tell you they are not black or AA and can get very offended if you refer to them as black. All crabs in a bucket if you ask me.

    4. They are not African American, so please stop with the “why do we” questions. We are so quick to to associate anyone with a dark complexion as an AA.

    5. Reblogged this on 3Kingz Ent. and commented:
      Wow a 200 person brawl at a family event, Smh I can’t say I’m really surprised with all that’s going on all across the world. People are going crazy everywhere on whoever is in the way at the time no matter if they are young or old and that is the scary part, you could be at the grocery store with your small kids and someone decides to just shoot up the place with no disregard for anyone’s life, what could you do in a situation like that where you are basically helpless to protect your family from harm. I guess it’s now safe to say that you need personal protection with you at all times now when you are living in American cities and towns because you don’t know what’s going to happen from day to day week to week.

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