Janet Jackson’s Billionaire Fiancé Shreds Prenup

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  • Janet Jackson’s billionaire fiancé reportedly ripped up their existing prenup and put a better deal on the table as he’s ready to walk down the aisle with his lady love.

    Ms. Jackson was supposed to marry Arab ­multi-billionaire Wissam Al Mana but their lawyers could not draw up a prenuptial agreement that worked for both parties in time.

    According to Star magazine:

    A friend says Janet, 46, and her fabulously wealthy fiancé, 37, were originally planning to get married on New Year’s Eve, but Janet got a case of cold feet and backed out. The tactic worked to her benefit though, as Wissam ripped up the original prenup and drew up one more favorable to Janet, whose $150 million fortune is peanuts compared to Wissam’s billions.

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    19 thoughts on “Janet Jackson’s Billionaire Fiancé Shreds Prenup

    1. She is so phony all about money. I believe she is all about herself that’s why with all her wealth she has no children. She needed to find someone who is much wealthier than her and is all about her because she is so selfish. She could never be with someone who is her equal because it wouldn’t be all about Janet.

      • Some people are all about being broke. Why would a woman who is wealthy marry a man without money? That’s begging for money arguments. I will never understand why some people hate on those with more instead of observing to find out how to get themselves some. Crabs.

        • Why would a women from the US go snooping for a billionaire from another country when she needed assistants last year paying her house? Going broke!

      • If she is worth 150 million , why she ask Micheal Jackson’s lawyers on last year to help pay her house note? Black female celebrities are acting like drug dogs, snooping for money, going over into other countries marrying men they have no clue of just for money! When they run out of money they go snooping looking for men to keep their status going. Get a dam job!

    2. They are already married!! She was married before and it didn’t work out. She had a black man that she loved by the name of Jermaine Dupri but he didn’t love her enough back so he dumped her, so his loss! Good luck Janet

    3. He is marrying her on foreign territory and he is not an American citizen therefore American justice and Divorce laws do not apply!!! He is also Muslim!

    4. Interesting. Just like her brothers, the Jacksons always marry White or outside of their race. For half a billion, how many sleeper cells does Janet agree to bring into the US?

      • @ Fili,that’s pretty racist comment on your behalf. I don’t know your race, but doesn’t matter. To sum it up, you got to be a unhappy soul, that’s why it’s so easy to want something negative for someone else to happen. A very SORRY PERSON YOU ARE. NUFFIELD SAID…

    5. Janet, if you happend to read this…….I am giving you permission to marry this guy, because i know now that you probably will not marry me, so go a head and have a happy life. I grew up with you since 1964. Still love you girl.

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    7. If I were Janet, I would get some pointers , from Diana Ross First, before marrying this young man. Here are my concerns, is he looking for Janet to have children, my god she is 47 years old, is that what she wants? Second, where does he want to live, in the United States, or in his Country? I think it is time for Janet to give marriage a try, as long as everything is written out, with all the specifics, and they both understand them. I wish them both, the very best.

    8. Janet you should Run too..Lol! I don’t believe the marriage will last..between you 2……Married life is about commitment if you remain committed till you die then you did your job….& yeah you don’t like certain things he or she does. ..you knew that before you got hooked up..& you knew he/she JUST divorced or abandoned their former spouse or lover..Once you reach a certain age & you continue to date & dump people that pattern hard to break..you keep saying it’s their fault but NO honey you do the same thing..

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