Fed Agency Retracts Reprimand to Flatulent Worker

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“I explained to you that turning on the fan would cause the smell to spread and worsen the air quality in the module,” the letter writer chastises.

Later, after a conversation with a deputy division director, the employee blamed the problem on lactose intolerance and offered to purchase Gas-X. The deputy division director also asked that the employee investigate a medical explanation.

“He asked that you check with your doctor to see if there are other options to help you address your flatulence and that you could not pass gas indefinitely and continue to disrupt the work place,” the letter says.

The employee submitted information about medical conditions but nothing indicating “that you would have uncontrollable flatulence,” according to the letter.

“It is my belief that you can control this condition,” the letter writer says.

The employee’s flatulent episodes were then documented by date and time over a three-month period beginning in September. The letter does not explain how the record was made.

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3 thoughts on “Fed Agency Retracts Reprimand to Flatulent Worker

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