Father Seeks Justice For Death of Son

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Coleman said later that evening he was told his son was scheduled for a bond hearing at noon the next day, but when Coleman got to the courthouse, his son was not there.

Police told Coleman his son was still in the lockup, but by the time he got to the station he was told, after some delay, his son had been taken to Roseland Community Hospital.

Police told The Chicago Tribune that Philip Coleman had become “combative” with police officers escorting him to court and was tasered. He was then taken to Roseland Community Hospital “where he became physically aggressive with hospital staff and accompany CPS officers. Once again, reasonable force was employed, including a Taser deployment, to gain control of the offender.”

At Roseland, according to The Tribune, Coleman was given a sedative. He was pronounced dead at 5:47 p.m. CST. An autopsy was inconclusive and the medical examiner’s office has said the cause of death is pending further investigation.

The Independent Police Review Authority is investigating the matter, but Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has said he is concerned about how long it can take for the police review board to investigate accusations of police misconduct. A BlackAmericaWeb.com look at the board website showed it could be four years or more before a ruling is issued.

Percy Coleman told BlackAmericaWeb.com that his son’s case could not be easily swept under the rug because Philip Coleman had no criminal record, did not deal in drugs, was a University of Chicago graduate and also had a master’s degree.

“Thirty-eight years old, never been in trouble. No problem until that day,” Percy Coleman said. “Because he spit on a police they gave him a death sentence.

“I know the game and I know that they’re doing,” Coleman said. “I’m in law enforcement. I know what to do. You don’t take someone who is bleeding from the mouth and hands to a lockup. You take him to the hospital because you don’t want the responsibility.”

Coleman said his wife was bruised in the incident, but “physically she’s doing okay and the doctor said she is doing much better.”

He said she has been crying a lot, however, concerned that a story would circulate that there was some history of violence with their son and “that we raised a monster.”

Coleman said he planned to write an open letter to President Obama calling for an investigation into the practices of the Chicago police department.

“All they had to do was follow their own damn law and take him to the hospital. They could keep him under arrest.”

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