New Technology Makes Bread Last Longer than 60 Days

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Although their device uses microwave technology, Stull says to think twice before using your home microwave to get the same results.

“We penetrate the chamber in a multiple different ways and with multiple different sources, which allows us to get a uniform signal,” Stull explained.

The MicroZap device is uniquely designed to emit a zap that is not hot or cold and won’t accidentally cook the bread, veggie or meat.

Food industry experts believe the new technology can aid food scarcity in third world countries with little food supply and little to no food safety regulations.

Stull says the device can also help curb safety issues in the U.S. as well.

“Salmonella is unfortunately fairly ubiquitous in the pet food industry,” he said. “People really love their pets, so we’ve done a lot of work with pet food and pet treats.”

However, some industry experts question just how long the bread treated by MicroZap’s technology can truly last.

“There would certainly be some questions that I would have around the texture of the bread holding for 60 days,” said Brian Strouts, head of experimental baking for the American Institute of Baking. “Bread could still get stale, crumbly, or rancid.”

Strouts is critical of whether the little zap could truly solve bread’s moldy problems.

(Photo: AP)

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3 thoughts on “New Technology Makes Bread Last Longer than 60 Days

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