New Technology Makes Bread Last Longer than 60 Days

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  • If you are a sandwich lover or can’t start your day without the perfect slice of toast, then your days of moldy bread may soon be long gone.

    Innovators at MicroZap have developed a technique to keep you from wasting bread and save you money.

    The company zaps the bread using a microwave-type machine to kill mold before it can spread within a matter of ten seconds. The bread can stay mold-free for up to two months.

    “We treated bread in the device, and after 60 days, it had the same mold content as fresh bread coming out of the package,” said MicroZap CEO and director Don Stull.

    The only change researchers found was a shift in water content once the bread was zapped.

    “But it was not noticeable on any taste tests that we did,” Stull said.

    Bread mold, scientifically known as Rhizopus stolonifer, typically develops when bread is left in humid environments such as in a plastic or paper wrap. Bread that is not stored in the refrigerator usually molds within an average of ten days.

    Most bread-makers rely on preservatives to keep bread as fresh as possible.

    “Preservatives to extend shelf life, and additives to mask the taste of the preservatives,” Stull said.

    MicroZap originally created the method to kill bacteria like salmonella and MRSA. The device can also be used on meats and vegetables to maintain freshness.

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