Judge: NYPD Must Halt Suspicion-Less Bronx Stops

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She said she was not ordering the abolition or even a reduction of the program that allows police to patrol the Bronx buildings because it appears to be a valuable way of using police resources to enhance security in private buildings.

She said further orders requiring the police department to rewrite its practices and supervision of stop and frisk will not have to be implemented until she conducts additional hearings in coming weeks.

The case is one of three lawsuits challenging the police department’s stop and frisk practices.

The case Scheindlin ruled on is the narrowest of the three. It deals with legal issues raised after the city first adopted a stop and frisk law in 1964 that allows police to stop, question and sometimes frisk people they think might be doing something criminal, even if officers’ suspicions don’t meet the probable-cause standard for an arrest.

The city did not immediately comment.

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