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Although best known for dance music, Wash said she decided to take some chances with “Something Good,” which focuses on pop/adult contemporary songs. The first single is the beautiful ballad “I’ve Got You,” which was written by Rony Goffer and Zach Adam, winner of the Billboard Songwriting Contest Pop Award.

“I’m just spreading my wings more and moving in another direction,” Wash said. “As long as you live you’re going to get a little older,” Wash says. “Are you going to keep doing the same things you were doing in your twenties when you get into your 50s? It’s about advancing and moving on.”

Wash also is known for standing her ground, legally.

She sang the lead vocals on C&C Music Factory’s 1991 No. 1 hit, “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now.)” In the accompanying music video, however, her vocals seemed to come out of the mouth of the group’s slender lead singer’s mouth. The heavier Wash was deemed unmarketable because of her size. Wash also wasn’t given proper credit and compensation on vocals she did for Black Box’s album, including Top 10 songs, “Everybody Everybody” and “Strike It Up, and Seduction’s “You’re My One and Only (True Love.)”

The songstress filed a lawsuit and won and her successful fight led to changes that make it mandatory for artists to receive accurate credits on albums and music videos.

Wash said she hopes the eight songs from “Something Good,” which she calls empowering, will inspire others to find their inner strength.

“Whatever song they listen to, I hope they get something positive out of it. I want them to think about themselves and about helping others,” she says.

Sample a taste of “Something Good” or visit her page on Facebook.

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