A Sneak Peek Inside NBC’s Primetime (on the Black-Hand Side)

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With the concept of darkness falling across the entire world, Esposito says that the premise of the show has definitely impacted his personal life. For Christmas, he and his four children (ages 9-16) decided to skip the tradition of gift giving in 2012 and focused on family.

Revolution premieres Thursday, January 31st at 10/9 central.


Do No Harm

Erica Taylor interviews Phylicia Rashad about “Do No Harm.”

It was a true delight to see star of the Broadway stage and the first black woman to win a Tony Award, Phylicia Rashad, as Vanessa Young in the new show “Do No Harm.” Rashad’s character is the head of neurosurgery who works to understand the mind of main character Dr. Jason Cole (Steven Pasquale) who suffers from a split personality that takes over his life.

Rashad is best known from the hit television show “The Cosby Show” which was the third longest-running American sitcom with a primarily African-American cast. Her character as Dr. Young, however, isn’t all warm and fuzzy like Claire Olivia Hanks Huxtable, Esq. Rashad says that she tapped the expertise of her best friend from college, an OB-GYN, to get in the mind of a high-ranking female physician. Her response, “So she has a like history like I do, she has ancestors like I do, she went to school and had teachers like I had, she has a serious work ethic, and I understand that. There is an heir of detachment, because there has to be, they train that way.”

“You maneuver and hold situations together so that this hospital runs smoothly and stays high in ranking. That’s your job.” Says Rashad. On Dr. Young’s sense of pride, Rashad says “Yes, she has to have that.” “In her personal life, she can’t control those things and the people that are close to her. She’s a very emotional person and she holds it. She is going to hold it. She feels and she feels deeply. She holds it.”

Do No Harm premieres Thursday, January 31st at 10/9 central.

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The second season of Smash is going to be a big hit with a big voice to match. That’s right. Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson returns to the theater, well, sort of, in her co-starring role of Veronica Moore, a Tony-Award winning actress who serves as inspiration to Kathryn Mcphee’s character Karen Cartwright.

Hudson’s powerhouse voice is a flashback to her “Dreamgirls” spotlight, reminding viewers the real reason why we’re gonna love her in “Smash”.  She has used her experience as a character in multiple upcoming episodes as training for a stint on Broadway.

Also making an appearance is an original dreamgirl, Sheryl Lee Ralph, who, ironically, will star as the mother of Hudson’s character. Surprisingly, her character who’s name is Cynthia is not a performer.

It’s fine, just smile Sheryl. We got you, girl.

“Smash” has been nominated for a Golden Globe Award and is a fan favorite. The second season has been aptly named “Bombshell.” Who doesn’t love a story of reaching and obtaining a dream, betrayal and scandal with a heavy dose of showtunes and sing-a-longs? Not raising my hand.

Co-star of the show, Megan Hilty, replied on working with Hudson “It was incredible to get to hear her. She is a force. Her voice is like no other and she’s a genuine kind person on top of being a great talent.”

Best of luck to Hudson and Ralph in making their NBC spotlights’ successful.

Smash begins Tuesday, February 5th at 9/8 central.

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