No Clarion Calls For Gun Violence Impacting Blacks

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Poor folks can’t afford assault rifles. Working class folks can’t either. Buying an assault rifle would be a strain even for some middle class families. So who’s buying these darned things?

Affluent people, it seems to me. And I’ll be even more specific: affluent white folks.

So rich white folks are buying most, if not all, of the assault rifles in America. Why are they buying them, and why have some ended up in the hands of young, white men in the 15 to 35 age range, who seem to be the ones kirking out and going on mass shooting rampages?

Yes, no one’s talked about the gender gap in mass shootings either. Oh, we’ve talked about how those who engage in mass shootings might be mentally ill, and they probably are.

But aren’t there women who are mentally ill? How come none of them grabs an assault rifle and goes on a mass killing spree?

It’s as if everyone in America – and damn it, I mean EVERYONE – has covered their eyes and refused to acknowledge the facts crammed in their faces.

Was Adam Lanza a male?

Was he young?

Was he white?

The answer to all three questions is a resounding HELL YES! Now, how come no one’s connecting the dots?

Let’s recap: we have a bunch of rich, white folks buying up thousands of assault rifles. We have young white boys snapping out, getting their hands on these rifles and then committing wholesale murder. See the problem?

The talking heads you’ve been watching on television and policy makers sure as heck don’t. They’ve not mentioned race, class or gender even once in discussing Newtown and other mass shootings.

It appears way too many people in America have been spending too much time swimming on a certain river that runs through Egypt.

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9 thoughts on “No Clarion Calls For Gun Violence Impacting Blacks

  1. Gregory Kane — big surprise — another racist that writes for BAW. People we need to move past the race stuff. God made us all equal, in his image. The problem isn’t race and it isn’t money. It is values, it is how we treat each other. Gregory Kanes wants to treat whites like garbage but then he wants them to treat him with respect. How many of us have done this. We need to defeat the racism in our hearts and at home first then work to destroy it elsewhere.
    Gregory Kane implies that AR-15 are expensive and only whites can afford them. So since we can’t afford it the whites shouldn’t have it either. Unfortunatley Kane didn’t do his homework. If you search you can find a AR-15 for 500 to 800. 1500 to 2000 is very expensive for a AR-15. For that money you are getting ripped off or you are paying for a highly customized gun.
    I know that it is surprising that I being a black man supports gun rights. I do so because……
    The problem isn’t guns but moral decline in this country. Get rid of guns and the good people will just be sitting ducks.
    The problem is also mental illness that doesn’t get treated properly.
    THe 2nd amendment was put in their for a reason. If you don’t believe me research the crime rates of other countries that have banned all guns.
    Especially look at Russia (stalin) and Germany (Hitler) and look at what they did after they insited on everyone registering the weapons. After regestration they went around to take all the guns and shot anyone who didnt hand them over. Then they enslaved thier people.
    Chicago has some of the most strict gun laws in the nation. Yet they have the highest gun violence. What if Chicago had a conceal carry law. Could mabey would be gangstas think twice about pulling a gun out in a city where they don’t know who else is armed.

  2. Since when is blacks killing blacks an interest for whites to solve. Blacks are doing what the white’s do not have to do anymore. Blaming the President for not fixing it is not the answer. Private prison control full of young blacks and wanting better education all seem like personal problems, to me. Asking whites to fix your personal problems is a master/slave mentality. Fix it yourself!!! Take responsibility of your children. Teach your self and children about gangs, drugs and all the other social ills we have neglected to instill in our children. Mostly, teach them LOVE and self respect of self and others. These may sound like simple solutions but it is a start.

  3. While many of the points made in this column are well taken, the one thing that is missing is Black people are not outraged over the killing that is going on in our own communities when the killers are other Black people. We marched in Florida; where are the marches in Chicago? We are as much a part of the problem as anyone, and it’s time for us to own up to it.

      • My point was not that black people need to be marching. I am in no way a proponent of marches…. My point was where is the outrage from black people when black people kill one another? I simply referred to the Florida march as an example of how black people responded en masse to a shooting perpetrated by a person of another race/ethnicity.The commentator was questioning why there has been no similar public outcry to shootings in black communities as we saw in Newtown–or at least that is the way I read it. I wholeheartedly agree with your point that black people need to be handling the business of raising our children. I also think we must demand accountability within our communities and fight for the change that we desire to see, whether the broader public or politicians share the concern. The Florida march, and others like it, have shown that black people have the capacity to come together and be heard. We need to make the same noise in our own communities.

  4. It is rather obvious that “black ghetto America” doesn’t count. Has little to contribute to political campaigns. The middle class, even middle class blacks, are reluctant to address the real issues involved. It just may cost too much and take resources from their own neighborhood projects. One just has to look at the other headlines under this post to realize America is more interested in celebrities and reality TV than solving racial issues.

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    • When blacks were getting their heads blown off. Obama, congress, the media, and white America said nothing. Obama played politics by going to Newton and getting on T.V. crying with his fake tears. We defend Mrs. Obama from whites who call her a monkey, and she writes an open letter to the WHITE families in Newton when blacks are dying in her home state. I guess the Obamas view us as Niggas also.

      • Oh Well!!! I guess the only one we can really put ALL of our hope & never-ending trust in; is GOD!!!

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