Top Ten “WTH?” Entertainment Stories of 2012

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Reality TV lovers Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada met on Twitter and romanced on “Basketball Wives.” The two seemed to be really in love, even though these pesky stories about Chad’s cheating cropped up ever so often. But these two got hitched in kind of rachet Cinderella style and all was good as they had their own reality show planned. That’s until Johnson and Lozada got into an argument over a condom receipt and Johnson head-butted Lozada, cutting open her forehead. The marriage was over, as was Johnson’s NFL career and their proposed VH1 reality show. Johnson took responsibility and Lozada showed up on “Iyanla, Fix My Life.” Recently Lozada has said she’d like to talk to Johnson again for “closure.” Will it air on the upcoming season 5 of “Basketball Wives?” Guess we’ll have to tune in.


In what seems to be a move to bring in a younger audience,  “American Idol” announced that they’d bring in Nikki Minaj and Mariah Carey to be judges for the upcoming season. While we remain unclear about Ms. Minaj’s qualifications to judge talent, we figured the “Idol” folks knew what they were doing. That’s until Ms. Minaj decided to come at Mariah Carey, winner of oh, about 1235 more Grammy Awards and seller of 14 billion more records than Minaj because Minaj was sick of her “diva” ways. Ms. Pot, please meet Ms. Kettle. We guess this drama will make “Idol” continue to stand out among the overload of televised singing competition shows. We guess.


They should have never given Black people Twitter. Case in point: singer/songwriter Wyclef Jean who didn’t think twice before sending out a Twitpic of himself in red briefs by his Ducati motorcycle. Yup, that’s right. Just off of trashing his ex Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley in his ludicrously boneheaded memoir, Clef then decided that swimsuit model was now a good career choice. Perhaps if he’d heard of lotion on his lower extremities, it could have worked. You be the judge here:


How could he? Michael Ealy, at last count the world’s most eligible Black bachelor outside of Idris Elba, goes and gets married. We didn’t even know dude had a girlfriend! How did he managed to keep both the girlfriend from us and the marriage for three whole months? We weep at this lost opportunity to convince him of the error of his ways. But hey, congrats to Katira Rafiqzada,,,20658215,00.html the new Mrs. Ealy. We can’t hate Mike, she’s pretty. But dang! Give us a heads up next time!


Oh, Stacy Dash, what were you thinking? That you could exercise your constitutional right to vote for whomever you wanted? Of course you can. But hell, let’s face it, Black people don’t agree on much. We don’t agree on music, or Tyler Perry or Kim Kardashian or which reality TV show character we hate the most. But 97% of registered Black voters went for President Barack Obama. You didn’t have to. But once you declared yourself, in a red bathing suit, no less, a Romney supporter, you couldn’t see the blacklash, I mean backlash coming? It’s not like, you ever talked politics out of your pretty little head before. So why now, Stacy? Why? All we can say is, good politicians know who their audience is, which is why Obama’s still in charge and you’re….well…still pretty.

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