The 10-Ton Elephant in the Room

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I’m not bashful about sharing what my thoughts were.

“Why don’t they just give us this white guy’s name, run his picture and be done with it?”

Yes, I said it. I have a reputation for not giving violent black criminals any slack, so much so that I’ve gotten the Uncle Tom/sellout routine for it.

But here’s what my detractors don’t and have never considered: I don’t cut violent white criminals any slack either. Violent criminals are violent criminals. They all belong in the same prison.

In fact, if we could build a huge toilet, I wouldn’t mind dumping all the country’s violent criminals in it and flushing them all down the commode.

Not practical, of course, and there are Eighth Amendment issues involved.

If the profile of America’s gun-toting mass murderers happens to be young, white, male and mentally ill, then that’s precisely what I’ll write.

But the gender issue is more critical than the race one. I’m not saying there haven’t been women that have killed more than one person, but those are usually mothers that, for some reason, snapped and murdered their own children.

Please correct me if I’m wrong about this: has there ever been an instance of a woman taking a rifle or handgun and then murdering six, 10, 20 people that she doesn’t even know?

If it’s happened, it’s rare. It’s almost always a guy, so much so that we have to wonder if the combination of firearms and testosterone is, at best, a dicey one indeed.

So a “meaningful” conversation about guns, or some “meaningful” action to prevent tragedies like Newtown, would have to be this:

Pass a law allowing only women to own guns. Ban guys from having guns at all.

There are, at least, 300 million firearms in America. We can’t get rid of them all. But at least we can pass a law that says only members of the gender that has some sense can own them.

What a difference one letter in a word can make. America doesn’t have a “gun” problem. It has a “guy” problem.

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6 thoughts on “The 10-Ton Elephant in the Room

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  2. Why do regular American citizens need semi-automatic mass murder weapons anyway- other than the fact that someone makes a lot of money- selling them! Why not limit what can be manufactured in the first place, stop those making millions off the sales and make them responsible for tracking their own production. That would require stepping on some big toes but the impact on the larger problem would be well worth it and not require us to terrify our children or treat them like prisoners in school, because we do not want to upset our ‘friends and funders’

  3. Although most mass shootings are done by white males that’s not the problem. The thing is that guns are getting in the wrong hands. Its not like ppl just use them for protection anymore but to see how many ppl they can slaughter at one time and then cowardly kill themselves. I don’t think there is a way to control how guns get into the wrong hands b/c they can be obtained legally and illegally by the wrong ppl. So it may sound crazy to some but we need prayer more than ever b/c its just not safe anywhere anymore.

  4. Really? Is that the direction you want to take? This kind of crap needs to stop. Unfortunately, these are the shootings that get national attention. no one cares when black people are killing a lot of other black people, so there inlies the problem. People are violent, Americans are violent, our culture is violent. Gun control is more about control than it is guns. Reducing the number of guns in our society WILL NOT curb the violence, they’ll just start using forks…

  5. didnt the mother own the guns? A WOMEN and still the son got a hold of them so it doesnt matter who you sell them to. anybody can get there hands on the gun and decide to kill. your article doesnt make a whole lot of sense, sorry.

  6. What since does this article make? Who cares which gender kills people in a mass setting? Innocent lives were lost and I am sure the all victims’ families in mass murders would not sigh of relief if the shooters were women. God bless the victims.

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