Ex-UNA Athlete Apologizes For Racist Obama Tweet

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“I wasn’t planning on this happening; it just got too serious and out of hand,” Patterson said. “It really didn’t occur to me until I started thinking about it late last night that I realized what I got myself into, and I realized I couldn’t get myself out of it without at least asking for an apology,” he said.

Despite his comments, Patterson says he is not a racist.

“I just want them to know that I ain’t like that. I was raised better than that, and I just got in over my head,” he said. “I put that on Twitter. I can’t take it back, and it’s always going to be in the back of somebody’s mind that I said that, but I can’t make them forgive me.”

Patterson also expressed his apologies to his teammates and the Commander-in-Chief.

“I want to apologize to President Obama for my outbreak last night. What I said was uncalled for, but I didn’t even stop to think what he was saying before it was sent. If I could go back right now, I would change it. I wouldn’t hesitate to do so,” Patterson expressed.

In addition to his apology, Patterson also offered his prayers and thoughts to the victims who lost their lives in Newtown on Friday.

(Photo: AP)

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