Missing Fla. Foster Child’s Custodian Feared Worst

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Another time, Pamela Graham said she found Rilya crying in a bathtub of “extremely hot” water. Geralyn Graham told her it was punishment for wetting her bed. The bed restraints, Pamela Graham added, were to prevent Rilya from getting up at night and climbing on kitchen counters to reach sweet treats in a high cabinet.

One day in December of 2000, Pamela Graham returned from work to find Rilya gone. She said Geralyn Graham didn’t offer much of an explanation.

“She said (Rilya) wasn’t coming back and I wasn’t going to see her anymore,” Pamela Graham testified. “She just kept telling me Rilya was OK and not to worry. I thought something bad had happened.”

She said the two argued heatedly, and at one point that night, she started to call police but did not when Geralyn Graham threatened her with a hammer. Yet Pamela Graham admitted having her own selfish motives for not going to authorities.

“I was scared and I knew that I was the one that had legal custody of her. I was just afraid that whatever happened to her, I would be blamed for,” Pamela Graham said. “”It was selfish, I know, thinking about myself instead of her.”

Eventually, Geralyn Graham said they would tell anyone who asked that a Department of Children and Families worker had taken Rilya for mental testing and never returned her. To friends, they said she was on a trip to New York. Pamela Graham said none of it was true, but she remained silent for years.

It wasn’t until May 2004 that Pamela Graham admitted to a cold case investigator that there were many lies surrounding Rilya’s disappearance, including the story about a DCF worker taking the girl away. That was when she began cooperating.

“I was tired of carrying the lies I had previously told,” she said.

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5 thoughts on “Missing Fla. Foster Child’s Custodian Feared Worst

  1. I am a living relative of Rilya’s. I know you all think that she has no living relatives, but she does. Her mother’s name was Gloria Wilson and yes, she is deceased. But she also has a grandmother, aunts, brothers, sisters, and cousins who are hurt and left in limbo about what happened to her. Rilya’s mom may have made her mistakes as a mother, however, she loved all her children dearly. Regardless of the fact that she did not have custody, she trusted that the child welfare would place her daughter in a safe and loving home, and they failed to do just that. Now, we are all left with unanswered questions. I never had the chance to meet Rilya, but I loved here nonetheless. She is and always will be my family. Gloria was trying to get her life back on track when she went missing. Unfortunately, her health and finances would not allow her to get back custody of any of her children. This did not stop her from checking on their well being and doing what she could to help the ones she was allowed contact with. I just wanted you to know that Rilya was not alone and she will be greatly missed. I wish I had the chance to meet her and take care of her when her mother couldn’t, then we would know that she was safe and happy. We cannot change the past, all we can do is move forward and hope for the best in the future. I just hope that these people tell truth about what happened and they are brought to justice.

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  3. Our “Justice System” stinks!! This “rachet trash” needs to be put to death along with the one she is accusing, they are BOTH murderers!! She doesn’t deserve a “DEAL” as she made her deal to be a co-conspirator in the childs DEATH………………smdh {:

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