Denzel Washington Says He Squashed 7-Year Feud With Quentin Tarantino

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    The suave actor extraordinaire Denzel Washington (pictured) had an ongoing beef with director Quentin Tarrantino that lasted 7 years, and according to a recent interview with GQ Magazine, Washington, despite rumors, offered the director an olive branch 10 years ago.  The drama between the two men recently came to surface again because Washington’s oldest daughter ironically worked with the director on the upcoming Academy Award-buzz film “Django Unchained,” starring Jaime Foxx.

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    Apparently the feud between the two Hollywood A-listers began around 1995, when Washington worked on the film “Crimson Tide.”  Allegedly, Tarantino, who visited the set of the film, had done an uncredited rewrite of the movie script by adding pop-culture, reference-ladened dialogue that Washington deemed racist.  Reportedly, after reviewing the rewrite, Washington did not take too kindly to Tarantino’s presence.  The award-winning actor confronted Tarantino and read him the riot act about his constant use of racial slurs in the film.

    Tarantino supposedly did not want the heated discussion he was having with Washington to become a public spectacle and urged him to take their talk to a more private setting.

    Washington refused to move from the public spot, where they had been arguing, and allegedly told the director in no uncertain terms, “No, if we’re going to discuss it, let’s discuss it now.”

    Now Washington is trying to put the reignited scuttlebutt about his disagreement with Tarantino behind him.  He told GQ,  “Isn’t that interesting how life goes? But I buried that hatchet. I sought him out 10 years ago. I told him, Look, I apologize. You’ve just gotta let that go. You gonna walk around with that the rest of your life? Washington seemed relieved.

    Since Washington’s daughter Katia worked with Tarantino, she reportedly did not want her father to discuss the beef, “She doesn’t like me talking about it.  And then here we are 10 years later, and my daughter’s working with him. Life is something.”

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    4 thoughts on “Denzel Washington Says He Squashed 7-Year Feud With Quentin Tarantino

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    4. What, one of my favorite actors and one of my favorite director’s had a beef?? I’m glad things were worked out, I have enjoyed the work of both. I’ll definitely be watching for Denzel’s daughter when I go see the movie.

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