Quote on MLK Memorial to be Removed

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Work is scheduled to begin after the presidential inauguration in February or March of 2013 to be completed in the spring, according to federal officials. Lei, the original sculptor, will do perform the stone work to remove the inscription, and the memorial will remain open to visitors.

In a joint statement released by the U.S. Interior Department, King’s family voiced support for the new plan. King’s youngest daughter Bernice King, who is chief executive of the King Center in Atlanta, thanked Salazar and the National Park Service for taking “care to maintain the spirit and appearance of such an important monument to our country’s history and my father’s memory.”

King’s sister, Christine King Farris, said the family had wanted the entire quotation to be inscribed in the memorial.

“While our family would have of course preferred to have the entire ‘Drum Major’ quote used, we fully endorse and support the Secretary’s proposal,” she said.

(Photo Credit: AP)

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