Michigan Triplets Convicted Of Felony Charges

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After catching up to Whittington, the Shivers brothers robbed him. Juronn Shivers possessed the gun, Whittington said.

The jury chose to convict the brothers of the lesser unarmed robbery charges, deciding that prosecutors didn’t show beyond a reasonable doubt that either of the brothers possessed a gun.

While they avoided the armed robbery charge, which carries a maximum penalty of life in prison, the brothers still face possible prison time for the unarmed robbery and conspiracy charges, which carry 15-year maximum penalties. After the verdict was handed down, Kaczmarek revoked both of the brothers’ bond and remanded them to jail, an indication that he at least intends to hand down a jail sentence.

If the brothers are sentenced to prison, they will join their brother, Devon Shivers. He is imprisoned at the Saginaw Correctional Facility for assault with intent to murder and five other felonies. The brothers will be 22-years-old on Jan. 10, according to The Smoking Gun.

(Photo: AP)

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