Man Who Killed Two While Having Sex Driving, Sentenced

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  • A 24-year-old Minnesota man, Mark Chalin, who caused a fatal crash while his girlfriend was on top of him having sex, was sentenced to over four years in prison.

    The two people killed in the collision were 35-year-old Joanna Martin and the passenger in Chalin’s car, 23-year-old Amber Menezes.

    Chalin claims he does not remember anything that happened before the crash. However, witnesses told officers that Menezes was straddling Chalin, blocking his view, before he slammed into Martin’s Oldsmobile.

    Chalin was driving at approximately 60 to 65 mph at the time of the August 2011 accident.

    During his sentencing a tearful Chalin said, he would trade his life for the lives of the two victims “in a heartbeat.”

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    3 thoughts on “Man Who Killed Two While Having Sex Driving, Sentenced

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    2. WOW!!! Couldn’t even pull over?? Ya had to do it while driving 60 miles an hour? I’m all for being outgoing and trying different things, but that was just irresponsible. NO sex is worth risking lives like this.

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