Fla. Woman Found Guilty of Murder in Lottery Death

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Battles instructed the jury that it could convict the 40-year-old Moore of a lesser charge. Following the verdict, he called her “the most manipulative person” he had ever seen, describing her as “cold, calculating and cruel.”

Prosecutors built much of their case from confidential informant’s statements and financial records.

Moore was briefly banned from the courtroom Monday over concerns that she may have threatened jurors. She was back a short time later for closing arguments, but said she did not want to take the stand in order to protect her family.

At times, Moore closed her eyes and averted her face from the jury as prosecutors played audio recordings made by an undercover officer posing as a criminal who would take the fall for Shakespeare’s murder.

Prosecutors said Moore befriended Shakespeare in late 2008, claiming she was writing a book about how people were taking advantage of him. They claimed Moore later became his financial adviser, eventually controlling every asset he had left, including an expensive home, the debt owed to him and a $1.5 million annuity. She ultimately swindled Shakespeare out of his dwindling fortune, then shot him and buried his body under a concrete slab in her backyard, Pruner said.

In opening statements, Moore’s attorney told the jury that his client was trying to help protect Shakespeare’s assets from a pending child-support case when he was killed by drug dealers who hadn’t been caught.

Former inmate Rose Condora, who was locked up with Moore, told reporters during a break in the trial that she has visited her friend every night at the jail.

“She’s not what people think she is,” Condora said. “She did not kill that man.”

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2 thoughts on “Fla. Woman Found Guilty of Murder in Lottery Death

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