Cali Law Student Shot Dead In Broad Daylight In Manhattan

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Friends of Woodard’s interviewed by The Times say that the aspiring lawyer was a good person who seemed in have kept not-so-good company:

“I know him as a good person,” said Dennis Christopher White, 32, a friend of Mr. Woodward’s for about 10 years. The two met playing basketball in Los Angeles. “My wife and his baby mother, we’re all close,” he said. “He’s like a brother or a cousin to me. He’s very humble.”

But Mr. White said that in recent years the two men had drifted apart.

As Mr. White married and pursued a career in government work, he saw less and less of Mr. Woodard, who continued his busy presence in the city’s night life scene. “You never know who he meets,” Mr. White said.

“I didn’t get a chance to know that part of him.”

Mr. Woodard had been a fixture on the party and club scene in Los Angeles, a world of expensive alcohol and private tables where, friends said, people from elite pedigrees, like Mr. Woodard, might be seated next to those with seamier backgrounds. A friend in Los Angeles, who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of being targeted by those who killed Mr. Woodard, said he had drifted into a rougher crowd. “It’s a tragic ending,” the friend said.

Two friends said Mr. Woodard had been out in Los Angeles on Saturday night at a party to watch the boxing match between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez. It was unclear when he left for New York.

Sadet Kolo, 36, who was skateboarding near the murder scene, told the Daily News of the victim’s final moments. “It came out of nowhere,” Kolo said. “I called 911 and told him ‘Hang on. Help is on the way.’ He was talking a little. Or trying to. He was alive for a good two minutes.” “Poor bastard. I didn’t even see a shooter.”

Police are still looking for the shooter as more details behind Woodard’s killing are being pursued.

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