Being Our Brother’s Keeper

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  • Tom, Sybil, Jay. I am hoping that your day is as fantastic as mine. For any of the TJMS family that has been mildly paying attention to the news around the NFL you are aware of two tragedies that took place in two weeks. First we got news of Jovan Belcher, a 25-year-old football player originally from Long Island, who shot his partner and the mother of his child 22-year-old Kasandra Perkins. Critics followed the incident immediately with message of domestic violence, gun control, and even steroid rage all in the name of searching for answers to why this tragedy happened.

    Nearly a week later tragedy struck Dallas as Jerry Brown Jr., a 25-year member of the Cowboys was killed in a car driven by teammate, nose-tackle Josh Brent. Again, the media and critics alike started to talk about the drinking policy in the NFL, the fact that rides are available to NFL players and this never had to happen, and the fact that Brent had a DUI while a college player in Illinois and perhaps one DUI should be grounds to block players from coming into professional sports.

    While some of critique was valid and others absurd, there is a larger point. Nearly 100 people die daily in the US from guns. How many died in KC that day that no one else heard about? Drunk driving deaths account for nearly a third of all traffic fatalities, but seldom do they make the front page of the local paper. Both of these incidents are legitimate tragedies. The families of the victims or those at fault don’t care what team they played for. 3-month old baby Zoe is not wondering if the Chiefs were able to pull together in the name of her dad and win Sunday’s game.

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    7 thoughts on “Being Our Brother’s Keeper

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