“Keep Your Paws Off Of Apollo!”- Phaedra ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ [RECAP]

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    On the latest episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” the ladies (including Kenya and Porsha) and their men headed on their couples trip to Anguilla, without Kim and Kroy. What more could they ask for? Sand, beaches, drinks, warm weather and their boos- sounds like a recipe for some fun, or disaster however you choose to look at it.

    Check out the highlights below:

    Kim Walks Off RHOA Set, For Good

    We picked up right where we left off from last week’s episode where all of the ladies were seated at dinner talking about their trip to Anguilla. After Kim told the girls that she wasn’t able to travel due to her pregnancy, the rest of the girls weren’t too happy to hear that Kim was trying to change the plan, again, especially since the rest of them had made arrangements to travel during Kim’s specific travel dates. Once Nene jumped in and told Kim exactly how she felt, Kim decided that she didn’t want to be apart of the group anymore, and politely excused herself from the table. After assaulting the cameraman, Kim and Kroy drove off into the distance, which will probably be the last time we ever see them on an episode of RHOA. Farewell!

    Off to Anguilla

    Finally, it was time for the couple’s trip to Anguilla. Even though Kenya basically invited herself on the trip, and none of the ladies had ever met Porsha before, they decided that they were going to leave all the drama in Atlanta and have fun in paradise (sounds like a great plan in theory, but we all knew that wouldn’t happen). Once the ladies arrived on the island, everyone received their huge honeymoon suites equipped with a hot tub, balcony and outside showers! Except for Kenya, who received a junior suite for her and Walter’s romantic getaway. Needless to say, Kenya was not too thrilled about having to stay in the junior suite, but she was more concentrated on getting proposed to and married on this vacation and didn’t have too much time to worry about anything else.

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